First appointment possible at any time without making an appointment

The first appointment is a blood sample (this does not have to be taken on an empty stomach). The subsequent blood analysis is the basis for the subsequent consultation with your doctor. As a new patient, you can simply come to us for your first blood sample without an appointment during our opening hours. You will then make an appointment on site with the doctor of your choice. For blood samples taken from Monday to Thursday, this is possible from one day later; for blood samples taken on Friday, it may be a little later. In the event of a very high volume of patients, we ask for your understanding for possible waiting times!


Note: Statutory health insurance companies in Germany only cover the costs of blood collection and analysis for married, heterosexual couples (age limits: Man > 25 years and < 50 years, woman > 25 years and < 39 years). Otherwise, costs may be incurred to a certain extent (approx. EUR 165, please remember your insurance card). The costs may be higher if you are insured abroad or privately in Germany. We accept any means of payment. However, cash payments over EUR 500 must be notified at least 1 day in advance.